Areas in and around Jackson Hole

If you are in the area long enough, you will start to it “Jackson” or “Jackson Hole?” This is a common question and the answer depends...and both! Jackson is a town and Jackson Hole is a region. The town of Jackson is in the region of Jackson Hole. So if you are in town, it’s Jackson and Jackson Hole. If you are outside of the town but still in the valley, you are in Jackson Hole.

So what is Jackson Hole? Geographically, it is a valley that is approximately 60 miles long and surrounded on all sides by mountains. David Jackson was one of the original mountain men in the area who left his mark and subsequently his name for the region we now call our beautiful home.

There are so many amazing areas in Jackson Hole, you will have a difficult time narrowing it down to one.    Luckily, with most regions accessible from North to South or East to West in under an hour, you don't have to pick just one!  It is very common for people to live in one area, work in another, and play in all of the others.  

Each area has unique characteristics and charm and they all have one thing in common... the stunning beauty of Jackson Hole and the active and passionate lifestyle of the individuals who reside here.

You can access information on the Jackson Hole areas from the menu or by clicking on the following links, including: Town of JacksonNorth of TownSouth of TownTeton VillageWest Bank and Wilson, and Neighboring Communities.